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We provide consultancy, design and sustainability management services while taking into account the environmental impact, energy efficiency and comfort.


We offer our clients support to reach their projects’ environmental comfort. We offer environmental building design through passive and active means, sunlight and artificial light and suggest construction materials and techniques.

Diagnosis of energy efficiency and environmental comfort. Proposals for improvement strategies according to sustainable and economic criterion.

Execution of architecture design and urban projects bringing to life energy efficiency strategies according to technical and aesthetic criterion.

Participation of technicians and the building occupants in the energy management with the aim to reduce the operational cost and environmental impact.

Scientific papers and technical writings. Dissemination of results and organization of training actions.

Energy consultancy
Energy consultancy
  • Energy audits for buildings and its infrastructure

  • Energy, thermal and light simulations

  • Measuring and monitoring energy use and comfort

  • LEED and Verde certifications for sustainable buildings

  • Energy certification of new and existing buildings

  • Design of passive and active strategies

  • Choice of sustainable materials and construction systems

  • Optimization of electricity supply contract

  • Grant process

  • Feasibility studies

Sustainable design
Sustainable design

Urban scale:

  • Green neighborhood planning

  • Disused urban space revitalization

  • Landscape to achieve greener cities and towns



  • Bioclimatic buildings using passive design strategies

  • Zero Emission Buildings

  • Alternative models to repurpose empty buildings

  • Participatory design of new cohabitation strategies

  • Architectural heritage restoration according to sustainable criterion

  • Energy improvement of façades and roofs

  • Design of green roofs


Energy systems:

  • Renewable energy systems integration into architecture

  • Geothermal and biomass system in buildings

  • Interior and exterior efficient artificial lighting

  • Indoor sunlighting design

Management and participation
Management and participation
  • Management of building energy

  • Guaranteed savings energy services

  • Monitoring of consumption and comfort parameters

  • Automation and tele-management systems

  • Environmental mediation in participatory processes

  • Design, implementation and intensification of participatory processes

Research and dissemination


  • Materials Life-Cycle Assessment

  • Construction systems prototypes and patents

  • Publication and review of papers

  • Research projects together with universities and technological centres

Teaching and training:

  • University education and training for companies

  • Traditional techniques training workshops


  • Sustainable practices advocacy activities

  • Content design of environmental awareness exhibitions

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