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Onda is a team of architects and urban planners specialised on the assessment, design, management and promotion of processes that transform the built environment, respecting and contributing to the cultural heritage and the environment.

Onda consists of an international and multidisciplinary network of professionals from different backgrounds and experiences, with common technical and scientific academic training and significant experience in the fields of architecture, energy and environment. Based in Barcelona, Onda has working teams in Bratislava and Valencia and partners in Madrid, Istanbul, Mexico City, Merida, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis and Santiago de Chile.


Depending on the characteristics and specific needs of the project, we constitute a team with the members from Onda whose skills are more appropriate to face the financial, social and environmental challenges ahead.


Alexis Aguilar

Onda Barcelona

PhD in Architecture, expert in daylighting 


Joan Puyo

Onda Barcelona

MSc in Architecture, expert in sustainable architecture 


Beatriz Yuste

Onda Valencia

MSc in Architecture, expert in traditional construction techniques and restoration of heritage


Zuzana Prochazkova

Onda Bratislava

MSc in Architecture, expert in design of modular façades 


Alberto Gramegna

Onda Bratislava

MSc in Architecture





Alessandra Curreli

Partner Barcelona

PhD in Architecture and Engineer, expert in solar radiation 


David Motos

Partner Barcelona

MSc in Architecture, expert in sustainable materials and LEED certification


Rocío Landínez

Partner Madrid

MSc in Architecture, expert in project management and Verde certification


Ileana Cerón

Partner Mérida - Inèdit México

PhD in Architecture, expert in green roofs and Life-Cycle Assessment 


Juan Carlos Contreras

Partner Mérida - Inèdit México

MSc in Architecture, expert in project management and LEED certification


Leopoldo Nava Flores

Partner Ciudad de México

MSc in Architecture, expert in project manager and recycled materials 


Paula Lelis Rabelo

Partner Sao Paulo

MSc in Architecture, expert in energy consultancy 


Beatriz Francalacci da Silva

Partner Florianópolis

MSc in Architecture, expert in ecological urban planning 


Juan Pablo Vásquez

Partner Santiago de Chile

MSc in Architecture, expert in bioclimatic buildings and energy certification

José Daniel Cárdenas Salas

Partner Medellín

MSc in Architecture, expert in ecological urban planning and design 

Massimiliano Palma

Partner Roma

MSc in Architecture, expert in sustainable materials

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